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4 Creative Ways to Use Red in Interior Design

Look around the room you’re in right now.

Do the colors in the room make you feel happy, sad or hungry?

Believe it or not, the colors around you have an impact on all of these things!

Red is a color that many people shy away from using in their interior spaces.

The hesitation is totally understandable because red is a color that can clash with other colors and end in disaster like this example below:

Ugly red and green living room
Unsuccessful Red and Green Room

Image credit: (Image credit: Sarah Knight)

There's lots of things to love about the bold color.

Red is considered to be exciting and stimulating.

The color symbolizes strength, life and fire.

A really cool fact about red is that it’s the very first color a baby sees after they are born!

Let’s take look at FOUR creative ways to use red in interior design:

1. Make it the Showcase

Red island in black kitchen
Pop of Color

Red is the perfect color to use as the centerpiece and showcase in your space.

The red island in this kitchen is eye candy!

It is the perfect pop of color and commands your attention as soon as you walk into the space.

2. Pair It With a Neutral Color

Red and white bathroom
Red and White Combo

Red is a great color to use alongside neutral colors.

In this bathroom, red is paired beautifully with white.

Red can easily become overpowering, but combining it with white does a great job to tone it down and create balance.

3. Use It to Create Drama

Dramatic monochromatic red room
Monochromatic Red Room

On the other hand, you can be fully immersed in red!

The monochromatic red space above space creates romance and lots of drama!

It makes me think of TLC's hit song "Red Light Special".

There's a reason that red is the color of love in many cultures.

4. Use It to Direct

Living room decorated in red
Red to Create Focal Point

Red is a great color to use for directing your eye to the focus in the room.

In the example above, we used the red in the artwork, placement of the red pillows and the red drapery to draw the eye to the focal point which was the beautiful view outside.

This room would be totally different had the drapery been black and pulled closed.

I hope these 4 creative ways to use the color red in interior design was helpful.

Now, go add some red to your space!

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